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Lina Yamashita
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Lina Yamashita

I am Lina Yamashita.
Born in South America, I came to Japan in 1995.
I am a professional fashion designer.
I started designing face masks in October 2021.
I believe that the custom of wearing masks will spread all over the world.
I hope that many people will enjoy wearing fashionable design masks, and try to prevent infection at the same time.

Mask structure

Lilibelle's Fashion Wire Mask has closed hooks at both ends of the wire for hanging, allowing accessories such as earrings and straps to be attached.
In addition, the mask has a pocket inside, where you can put non-woven cloth or gauze.



Just hang it on your ears with a wire, and it doesn't hurt!

No elastic band. Just hang it with a wire.
Stress-free for use because of no strain on the ears or no tightening feeling.

A brand-new-type mask with patented brand

Fashion Wire Masks are based on a new idea that sets them apart from conventional masks that use your whole ears.

Uses a high-strength yet easy bending wire

They use very strong wires that are soft and can be bent freely by hand but are difficult to cut.
They are unlikely to be damaged by hand.

Fits so well it is hard to slip even when talking

It is difficult to shift even while talking.
It provides space around the mouth while ensuring an excellent fit and comfort.

Adjust the wires to fit any face size

By bending the wires in the top and bottom of the mask along the contours of your face, it fits freely to your face line. It can make your face look sharper.

Enjoy a fashionable look with accessory hooks

As both ends of the wire have loops, you can hang earrings and charms.
You can also hang a mask strap.

Company profile

Company name Lilibelle’s
Location 3-13-5 Wada, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0012, Japan
Phone number +81 (0)80-5677-4404
Representative Lina Yamashita
Business content Production and sale of fashion masks
Registration of a design No.1715671
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